Art at the Rendon: Stories

On Friday night, I attended one of the newest and most exciting art events in LA.

Art at the Rendon: STORIES is an immersive experience that turns the Rendon hotel itself into a stage and screen as it explores a fictionalized version of the building’s past. On the exterior, projection-mapped short films will allow visitors to see into the building’s windows, offering glimpses into the lives of The Rendon’s residents.

This is the second series of Art at the Rendon. The series opener happened back in June which attracted thousands of visitors during its 3 day runs. STORIES is expected to have a few thousand visitors as well. Due to the limited running time, which totals up to 2 hours per night during its 3 day run, audiences were able to enjoy each rooms in short periods of time (2-3 minutes). Even though I wish I could spend more time in each rooms, considering each artist has to perform for an entire hour for the audiences to see, I figured it’s actually a good idea to limit your time in each room. My favorite room, and seems like it’s also everyone else’s, is the jam session room where a room full of musicians played Blues and probably other genres as well. Other highlights include the lady cooking actual yummy food (most likely curry,) the half nude drawing room, the mom with the crying baby and show opener Rachel Staples Ghettler’s room.

Due to NO FLASH and low light, most of these pics are very dark and moody with some contrast. I like the element of mystery with these dark images and personally think they tell an intimate story.

My friends and I had so much fun at the event and absolutely cannot wait for the next installment.

PS: all proceeds of the event benefit local arts organizations Inner City Arts and Cornerstone Theater Company.