Brian's Author headshots

Headshots always sound so intimidating to me for some reason. I remember screwing up an actor friend's headshots once because I didn't use the right lens and didn't have enough editing skills. So when Brian asked me to take some author headshots for him, I was scared and excited. Thankfully, we had good chemistry and our location was perfect, so I didn't have to worry too much during our shoot. I'm satisfied with the lighting and my "art direction". But I'm low key disappointed of how slightly unfocused some of the images came out. Thank goodness for Youtube tutorials for how to retouch portraits and sharpen images.  In conclusion, I'm happy I took up the challenge and learned something new through this photo session.

Big shout out to Lift Coffee and Roasters in Whittier for generously providing the space.

And check out Brian J Walton's Awesome Sci-fi Novel "Recursion"